Hi There!

As you probably know, the Imagination Club takes a summer holiday during July and August since many of us are travelling. Andy and Jeffrey need a little break from managing the club as well. Nevertheless, we have had a great season thus far and are really delighted at the extent that you have helped the Imagination Club grow into something special

Summer BBQ
Every year we hold a BBQ in the village of Erps-Kwerps. Everyone is invited and encouraged to bring along family, friends and sweethearts. You are simply asked to bring along some food or drink, ideally something from your home country. This year, the BBQ is planned for Saturday, 16 July. So, clear your calendar and cancel your travel plans! You will receive an invitation to the BBQ and more details in early July. We will also announce it on the Club’s Facebook page and group.

Do a Workshop!
Would you like to lead a workshop or activity at the Imagination Club? If so, let Andy Whittle know (knowledgestormer@gmail.com). We’re always looking for people to lead workshops and we have a number of open slots in the next season, from October onwards.

As you know, the principle behind an Imagination Club workshop is that it should be experimental and ideally creative. So, don’t worry if you’ve never done a workshop before or if you fear your idea may be too crazy! We at the Imagination Club love crazy, experimental workshops. (We avoid any slick, professional sales-pitches, it’s not what we are about).

Moreover, the Imagination Club is a great place to try out your ideas, gain practice in public speaking and get feedback. So, what are you waiting for? Email Andy today with your ideas!

Incidentally, if you’ve never done a workshop before, we are usually able to help with feedback or advice. Just let us know.

Get More Involved
As the Imagination Club grows, we are thinking about adding new activities and expanding the club. To do this, however, we would need volunteers who would be interested in taking charge (with our support) of these new activities. If you would be interested in getting more involved in the Imagination Club, send Jeffrey an email: jeffreyb@jpb.com or give him a call on 02 305 6591; 0478 549 428 (or Skype EuroJeffrey) or call or mail Andy on 0496 273 905 knowledgestormer@gmail.com.

Got Ideas?
Do you have ideas about how we could make the Imagination Club an even better club? If so, share them with us. Mail us at jeffreyb@jpb.com or knowledgestormer@gmail.com with your suggestions. If you have an idea and would like to help make it happen, that would be even better!

Have a Great Summer!
Andy and I both wish you a terrific summer and look forward to seeing you at an Imagination Cub workshop very soon!

Jeffrey and Andy