Workshop: “Creativity and You”
Facilitated by: Jeffrey Baumgartner

Rather than a formal (or informal) workshop this week, we’ve decided to relax over a drink and talk about creativity and personal development. It will be a good chance to share your thoughts, meet others and perhaps even be a little inspired!

TUESDAY (Yes, Tuesday) 3rd April  2013
18:30 – Whenever



Creativity & Beer will be held at the newly reopened De Ultieme Hallucinatie bar in Brussels.
316 Koningsstraat/Rue Royale
1210 Brussels

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Workshop : “Enjoy & Learnshop – Changing Is Fun.

Facilitator: Greet Selderslaghs

Changing is fun! This is an ‘Enjoy & Learnshop’ for everyone who has been through changes already — and anyone who hasn’t. How would you like to go through the process of change with much more ease, acknowledging fears and resistance, and yet moving confidently in the direction of new dreams and aspirations?

In this workshop, we will find out by experimenting, by doing and by just enough theory to satisfy our minds as well. Be prepared for an active and interactive evening!

Monday 15th April 2013 (Did I say it was on a Monday?)
18:40 – 20: 30

20:30 onwards there is usually a drink/meal/chat somewhere in the area for those that wish (Just look hungry and thirsty afterwards)



United Business Institutes (
Marnixlaan, 20
B-1000 Brussels

– Between Metros Porte de Namur and Trone

 Oh yes, it’s on a Monday, don’t forget