Imagination Club Workshop”Let’s Travel into the Future”

Facilitated by: Helena Ruiz Fabra

The best time travel machine is your imagination. It can lead you to the most interesting places, pictures and visions.

Time travelling is an old idea that has been widely used in science fiction literature and movies. But it can be more than just a fantasy. In future oriented studies, methodologies and processes there is room for further experimentation and application in order to open our minds and engage with participants.

In this workshop, we will experiment with mental time travel and futures studies. We will contribute to the empirical work in the field and get inspiration for ourselves and our own practices.

Be numerous and on time to leave all together!

About Helena:
Helena is working as an EU Public Affairs Official. In addition, she is studying, researching and practicing with systems thinking and is the promoter of Sciencewise, a community of people interested in creating opportunities for “tasting and promoting science” in Brussels, with the aim of drive positive social change.

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Wednesday 9th December 2015
18:-40 – 20:30

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Timesmore (Same location as VIP offices)
Boulevard St Michel 47, 1040 Brussels

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