Imagination Club Drink “Join us for a Get to Know Each Other drink”

Facilitated by: Jeffrey Baumgartner and Andy Whittle

– No workshop this week, due to illness –
Join us for a drink and an opportunity to chat with others from the Imagination Club.

Meet us at Brussels Central station (in the ticketing area) between 18h45 and 19h. From there we will visit a couple of Brussels’s nice pubs for drinks and snacks. If you are late and miss us, please send a text message to +32.478.549.428 and I’ll send you the name and address of our current location.

There is no contribution expected for this event, but you are responsible for your drinks, snacks and any other personal costs.

Join us!

Wednesday 11th November 2015
18:-45 – ……

More Details:

Brussels Central station (in the ticketing area) between 18h45 and 19h

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Imagination Club Workshop on: “The 6 Hats Are Back”

Facilitated by: Lodewijk Regout

Edward De Bono’s work might be forgotten by some, but he made a great contribution to mankind: The 6 Thinking Hats. Are they still as powerful as they once were? Lodewijk not only believes they are, but he feels we even need them more then ever now. In this workshop, he will try a thrilling concept on you: Prepare for PowerThinking! Be numerous, as the power lies within the group.

About Lodewijk
Lodewijk has been living in Brussels since 2000, working as a language and communication trainer (NL/EN/FR). Thinking tools have caught his attention more and more, and for one good reason: our world is getting so complex! But analysing our world and its challenges can actually be a great activity, when done together.

Wednesday 25th November 2015
18:-40 – 20:30

More Details:
TIMESMORE (Previously VIP Offices)
Boulevard St Michel 47
1040 Brussels

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