Every Year for the past 5 or so years we have held a Wellness Weekend in conjunction with the  Nijmegen Imagination Club.

This year the Weekend was held on the Weekend of the 25th – 28th November in the Old Kortenberg Abbey in Kortenberg Belgium.

Much fun was had as we ate, drank and lived as a family for the entire weekend and it was inter-spaced with the most fantastic workshops:

  • The Welcoming get-to-know-each-other event with Irene and Andy

  • A wonderful Soul Collage Workshop by Gerda Fransmen
  • A fantastic Nature Photography workshop by Dominique,

  • An eye-opening Clues and Signs mindful Nature walk with Andy.

  • A Yoga workshop (do-in yoga, a Japanese style of yoga with influences of shiatsu and Tai Chi) with Irene.

  • A grounded presence/ body focussing workshop thanks to Ruth.

  • A meditative Music concert by Jeanine with Tibetan Bowls and other instruments – so Zen.


Keep an eye out for news of next years Weekend away…