The two hosts of the Brussels Imagination Club are:

Jeffrey Baumgartner and Andy Whittle

Jeffrey is a sculptor by training and an entrepreneur by profession, he is often known by the name Creative Jeffrey.

Jeffrey was raised in the USA and UK and has had an international career that has seen him living and working in Europe, North America and Asia. His business start-ups and acquisitions have included one of Thailand’s first web development and marketing companies, a business service centre, an international e-business consultancy in Brussels and the global idea management specialist company Bwiti.

Jeffrey also edits Report 103 and has written many of the articles and papers on this web site. An avid reader and writer, Jeffrey has also written several books;  The Way of the Innovation Master (available on Amazon; paperback or Kindle) and his latest Novel The Insane Journey.

Together with Andy Whittle, he set up and co-manages the Brussels Imagination Club.

Jeffrey lives with his two sons and two cats in a small farming village in Belgium.

Andy is a training and facilitation expert, with more than 25 years of experience. He has worked with a variety of organisations including Toyota, the European Commission/Council, Focus Belgium, EMD/GFI, NGOs, private clients and many others.

Andy gives workshops mostly based around Wellness and vital Soft Skills with some technology flavoured  workshops thrown in for good measure.

Some example titles: How to be Happy, How to get where you want to be, Mindfulness, Social Media for everyone, How to create and run a Workshop, Presentation Skills. please ask for a complete list of all available workshops.

He is a master of fun and brings humour and lightness to all his workshops whilst managing to keep on topic. It is practically impossible to fluster or surprise Andy with all the quirky experience he has had over the years

Andy was born in the UK, and has been living abroad since 1979 when he decided a bit of travelling would do him good. Andy has lived in several countries, but has hung his hat mostly in Belgium, where he will also be for the foreseeable future.

Fluent in French and English, he is now attempting to master to master the Dutch tongue too.

Andy lives with his wife and two children (one other one has left the nest) next to a small farming village in Belgium. He loves hugs and gives them freely.