Have you ever thought about doing a workshop at the Imagination Club? It’s a terrific way to try out new training techniques, share knowledge, practice public speaking and impress people.

If this appeals to you, let us know! Send us a short note about what you would like to do.

We have open slots for this season still and would really like to see you do a workshop!

Questions and Answers about Doing Workshops

What is allowed in an Imagination Club workshop?

1. Just about anything that is somehow experimental and creative, even if only a little bit.

What is recommended in an Imagination Club workshop?

1. Lots of group work and exercises
2. Enthusiasm from the workshop leader
3. Something very experimental and/or creative

What are the restrictions?

1. Limit to 90 minutes.
2. We do not have a beamer. You can bring your own if you really need one.
3. Nothing overtly commercial
4. Nothing you have done 1000 times before.

Remember, the concept behind the Imagination Club is that it is a place where you can experiment with new ideas in a friendly, receptive environment where you can expect good feedback afterwards. We at the club don’t mind if your workshop is a bit rough in places. And we’ll be very patient if you stumble a bit.  But we really, really do not want a sales pitch or a demo of a workshop you do regularly.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop reading this e-mail and contact us right away with your workshop ideas by replying to this e-mail or:

Jeffrey – T. 02 305 6591 M: 0478 549 428 – E: jeffreyb@jpb.com
Andy – M: 0496 27 39 05 – E: knowledgestormer@gmail.com

More guidelines can be downloaded here:  Imagination Club Facilitator Guidelines