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Creativity through Anti-conventional thinking:

Challenging Goals by Lenka Gackova

Find your Vocation by Jana Gal

Focusing for Self Compassion by Ruth Friedman

Stress Coach, speaker, author and Osteopath – Tom Meyers

About Brussels in English
Plus an English Speaking radio in Brussels!

LifeClubs – Weekly 90 Minute self-improvement workshops in UK and Canada

Greet Selderslaghs
“Creating an environment for people to grow, offering tools to bring about positive change into the life of other people,
making them prosper, shine. That’s what I am passionate about. I do this through workshops and coaching of individuals and couples.
Have a look at to find out more.”

Body Balance – Brussels & London
“A powerful person-centred approach to mind and body health
through optimum nutrition and life coaching” – Carolyn Moody

Coaching for life-changing success

Tips and Downloads for getting things done

Fifty Phrases that Kill Creativity

Ted Talks: Ideas worth Spreading

FreeMind – free mind mapping software

Collaborative software that helps you grow ideas

From the owners of New Shoes Today:

Don’t just recycle, Freecycle

The Hub Brussels:

The Brussels Business over Breakfast club

The Prince 2 (Project Management) Website
Maintained by Frank Turley

An English Lawyer in Brussels

Nadine – an arts laboratory aimed at developing research focusing on transdisciplinary experiments in the fields of new media and live arts

Facilitation – Training – Coaching
Stress Management – Neurocognitive & behaviourist approach
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6 Thinking Hats Certified Trainer
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